December 9, 2019

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Trending: Georgetown MD Breaks Silence About New “Fatal Fat” That Sets Your Joints On Fire

If you’ve got aches in your joints, your back or your neck that won’t go away, chances are you’ve chalked it up to “aging.”

Maybe, like so many Americans, you’ve simply given up on feeling good.

But what if your problems weren’t age related?

The Doctor Who’s Challenging The Establishment

Georgetown M.D. Mark Sivieri has taken a bold stand.

He claims that there’s an epidemic that’s sweeping our country, and that it’s “destroying us, from the inside out.”

And that epidemic is chronic inflammation.

Says Dr. Sivieri: “When you have chronic inflammation, it means that your immune system is on overdrive – always looking for something to attack. And your joints and spine are ‘ground zero’ for inflammatory wars, so it literally feels like they’re on fire.”

So what advice does Dr. Sivieri have for his own patients?

“There are several foods that I ask them to cut from their diets – these are like inflammatory fire-starters. It’s amazing how much better they feel when they make these simple changes.”

Dr. Sivieri recently stepped out from his clinic, and recorded a video with his “hit list” of foods that cause inflammation and joint pain.

And he has particular scorn for a new, industrial fat that has invaded the American food supply. According to Dr. Sivieri, this new fatal fat is “basically poison, sets inflammatory fires in your joints.” 

You’re urged to watch Dr. Sivieri’s health video, to learn how to protect yourself and your family...


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